About the Challenge

The purpose of this challenge is to support the growth of e-commerce platforms and MSEs(Micro and Small Enterprises) sector by giving an opportunity to e-commerce platforms to come up with ideas, strategies and implementation plans to onboard MSEs to their platforms. The challenge will involve as many e-commerce platforms as possible who will be required to map an onboarding strategy that will lead to registration, activation and retention of as many MSEs and iWorkers as possible on their respective platforms. The grant will be

distributed among the top five winners based on the criteria set for the best strategy. The top five runners will be selected by a panel of judges (representatives from AFR, ICT Chamber and BFA Global) who based on the provided criteria will determine the soundness and plausibility of the strategies put forward by e-commerce platforms. The best strategy will be judged against the following criteria.

  • The expected number of MSEs to be onboarded (we expect the platform to have a plan of onboarding at least 100 unique MSEs that have never used the platform before or convert at least 100 existing dormant shop to start transacting)

  • Total number of iWorkers to be involved in the implementation of the strategy

  • Duration of the activities mentioned in the strategy and consideration of the time given to implement the strategy

  • Clarity, practicality and plausibility of the strategy in relation to the overall project objectives

  • Long Term impact and sustainability of the strategy

Scoring Mechanism

There will be a scoring mechanism to ensure the criteria are used based on their weight to evaluate the strategies submitted. The scores against each criteria is explained in the table 1 below. Criteria number 1 and 2 will be used to break any ties in points between the participants. In this case, priority will be given to the participant with the highest score on criteria 1 and if need be criteria 2 as well. In addition to the criteria for selection of the best strategy, the candidates will be required to have met the following conditions as the eligibility criteria.

  • An operational and functional e-commerce platform

  • An e-commerce platform that supports digital payments such as Mobile Money, credit and/or debit cards or other digital payment channels

  • An active social media presence defined by having accounts on all social media platforms including Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter

  • Data tracking tools such as Google Analytics or any other similar tools

Grant distribution

The grant is expected to be distributed as shown in the table 2 below. More than three quarters of the grant is allocated to the first 3 winners to encourage participants to be creative and unique in offering long term solutions to the challenge.

The participants will unlock their grant on a performance or milestone basis

They will be given six weeks to implement their suggested strategies. There will be three checkpoints from the onset of the implementation to facilitate the performance review of the winners. Table 4 below details the prizes at each milestone.


The challenge will run for 10 weeks tentatively from September 20 to November 26 2021. During the first two weeks (until Oct 1st, 2021), the interested candidates will be submitting their applications, thereafter evaluation will be conducted in a week time and lastly the remaining 6 weeks will be for implementation of the proposed strategies (see table 4). The last week will be allocated to evaluating the impact of each strategy, recognizing the efforts of each e-commerce platform that participated in the challenge and closing the project.

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